Need help finding the Pawfect Treat?

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The act of licking and chewing is a natural anxiety-buster for dogs. Check out some of our long-lasting treats which are pawfect to give your dog during thunderstorms, fireworks, and other high-stress situations.

Did you know ...

Deer shed their antlers naturally once per year.

We have a deer farm in Australia where we sustainably and naturally source all our Deer Antlers.

These are an ideal treat for adult dogs to enjoy as they're odourless, long-lasting and have high nutritional value within the marrow.

Artisan & Socially Conscious

We are an Australian owned and made business offering Artisan Dog Treats and other Organic Products for the Social and Sustainable Dog Lover. Our products are carefully curated to create a delicious, healthy experience for your dog.