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The Pawfect Diner

Deer Antler Pieces

Deer Antler Pieces

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100% Australian Deer Antler is the perfect treat for dogs who love to chew! Packed with vitamins and minerals, and with natural marrow inside, this dog treat is the best long-lasting treat you can give to your dog.

Suitable for all dogs with adult teeth, this treat could last anywhere between a few days to a few months (sometimes even longer)! 


  • Cruelty Free - deer naturally shed their antlers once per year
  • Naturally odourless
  • Packed with nutrients to promote brain growth & healthy digestion.
  • They can last for months - even your strong-jaw dogs will be challenged by this one!

These treats are especially suitable for anxious or extra active dogs as the act of chewing is very calming for dogs.

Available in small, medium or large sizes

Did you know ...

Deer shed their antlers naturally once per year.
We have a deer farm in Australia where we sustainably and naturally source all our Deer Antlers.

Please note sizes and shapes will vary due to being a 100% natural treat
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