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Hemp Oil: Stress & Anxiety Relief

Hemp Oil: Stress & Anxiety Relief

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Key Effects:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Stress relief
  • Calming and Relaxing
  • Can reduce joint inflammation and pain
  • Ease osteoarthritis pain
  • Improve mobility
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Supports overall well being

This 100% natural Hemp Oil is made directly from the Hemp Plant, not the seeds, meaning there will be no psychoactive effect on your dog. 

This oil can be used as a standalone product but also pairs perfectly with our long-chews for added, long-term relaxation and mental stimulation for your dog.

How to Administer:

This oil can be administered straight into your dog's mouth. However, if your dog is a bit hesitant, here are some easy ways to get your dog to injest this remedy:

  • Drip over dog food
  • Stir through natural greek yoghurt
  • Drip on raw meat which should cover the smell of the Hemp
  • Hollow out a strawberry and drip Hemp into it 
  • Get a small amount of stock and stir Hemp oil through

We also have delicious Beef Bone Marrow Long-Lasting Chews with Hemp Oil! These are the pawfect mix for administering Hemp Oil while also offering mental stimulation and promoting licking which helps your dog to relax! 

    Hemp Oil usually takes about an hour or so to have a therapeutic effect.

    100% Organic Australian Certification

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