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The Pawfect Diner

Full Deer Antler Sets

Full Deer Antler Sets

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Are you looking for full deer antler sets? Not only are they rare to come by in this form as deer generally shed one antler at a time, they are absolutely beautiful and can be used for arts and crafts, ornaments, mantle pieces, knife handles, chandeliers etc….

We have a large variety of Full Deer Antler sets available. If you have a particular budget or requirement in mind, please reach out to us directly at

Did you know?

We have a deer farm in Australia where we sustainably source all our Deer Antlers from. 

We have also partnered with a Butcher to ensure no Deer goes to waste - deer/venison is used in our Dog Treats and the Meat is used by the Butcher

Single Deer Antler is sourced naturally, as Deer naturally shed their Antlers once per year.

This product is not recommended as a Dog Treat. We have purpose-cut Deer Antler pieces for Dog Treats - please view them here
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