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The Pawfect Diner

Diatomaceous Earth Chew

Diatomaceous Earth Chew

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The Diatomaceous Earth Chew is an extremely rare, extremely beneficial dog treat. It's powder-like consistency is made from dried sea fossils which have been mixed with ground beef to create a highly-delicious, multi-purpose treat.

This treat is perfect for dogs who enjoy a raw meat diet. As raw meat contains high levels of natural bacteria, it's important to help your dog maintain a healthy gut.

5mins of chewing is long enough for your dog to gain the range of benefits, although longer-lasting chewing will not harm your dog.

The huge benefits:

  • Tiny fibres clean the teeth and gums as your dog chews
  • Tiny fibres help to clean the gut as they pass through your dog
  • Tiny fibres absorb bacteria in the stomach
  • Natural flea control
  • Great to help dogs who have upset stomachs
  • Supports skin, coat and strong nails
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