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Deer Foot with Fur

Deer Foot with Fur

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Our 100% Australian Deer Foot with Hoof and Fur is as good as it gets! Sustainably sourced, these delicious treats will have your dog chomping for hours, if not days!

With bone, fur and hoof, this treat is packed to the brim with nutrients! 

This treat can be enjoyed by dogs of all sizes. 


  • The fur helps to promote general gut health and strengthen your dog's immune system
  • Rich in collagen for coat, joint and bone health
  • Low in fat
  • Long-lasting treat

These are an ideal treat for adult dogs to enjoy as they're  long-lasting and have high nutritional value within the marrow.

Did you know?

We have a deer farm in Australia. We have partnered with a Butcher to ensure none of the deer goes to waste - from antler to hoof, every part of the deer is used.

Please note sizes will vary due to being a 100% natural treat

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