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The Pawfect Diner

Cow Hoof stuffed with Kangaroo

Cow Hoof stuffed with Kangaroo

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100% Australian Cow Hoof stuffed with 100% Australian Kangaroo makes for the pawfect combination for your dog to enjoy!

The Cow Hoof is a long-lasting treat which you can leave with your dog until it's finished (which could take days, if not even longer!) or give it to your dog for shorter stints. Packed with Kangaroo, this treat is sure to have your dog begging for more!


  • Cow Hoof is very lean protein
  • The Cow Hoof will have your dog chewing and licking which is great for dental hygeine but also reduces stress
  • Kangaroo is high in protein and one of the lowest fat content
  • Kangaroo is a great meat for dogs who are prone to allergies
  • It's a long-lasting chew, so more bang for your buck
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