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The Pawfect Diner

Mackerel wrapped Shark Catilage

Mackerel wrapped Shark Catilage

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100% Australian Shark Cartilage wrapped in 100% Australian Mackerel is the perfect mix between crunch and chew.

As they are chewed, the mackerel will get softer as your dog works their way toward the crunchy Shark Cartilage. 

This treat will be a longer-lasting treat for small dogs, and a medium-lasting treat for larger dogs to chomp on.


  • Source of Calcium for stronger bones
  • Source of Protein for overall growth and wellbeing
  • Source of Omega-3 which is anti-inflammatory and also has added benefits for the heart, eyes, kidneys, brain and immune system
  • Source of Vitamin B12 to help strengthen the immune system against infection and disease
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