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The Pawfect Diner

Beef Bone Marrow with Deer Antler Powder

Beef Bone Marrow with Deer Antler Powder

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Beef Bone Marrows are the pawfect, long-lasting treat for any dog of any size. 

Made from 100% Australian, Natural Dried Beef Marrow and sprinkled with 100% Australian Deer Antler for a boost of benefits, this delicious chew will have your dog distracted for hours!


  • Deer Antler Powder is high in Protein, Calcium and Magnesium - all natural wellbeing boosters for your dog
  • High in Antioxidants, Nutrients, and rich in Iron and B12 to help promote strong and healthy bones for your dog
  • Completely odourless making them an ideal indoor treat
  • A long-lasting, safe chew which is excellent for cleaning teeth
  • Safe for puppies and dogs of all ages

These treats are especially suitable for anxious or extra active dogs as the act of chewing is very calming for dogs.

Available in Small and Large Sizes

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